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Andrea Sara

I have enjoyed a variety of physical exercise throughout my life, and like many people, accumulated a few injuries and misalignments along the way. after the birth of my third child I was having trouble and really feeling the accumulative effects of previous injuries that hadn't been rehabilitated. A friend suggested Pilates, so I tried it.




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Andrea Sara

Fully certified by Polestar Pilates with a Diploma in Professional Pilates and 14 years teaching experience.


Nicola Ford

Studio and rehab certification with Polestar Pilates.

















I knew very quickly that this was what i needed and practiced regularly. Here was a form of exercise that required a considerable amount of mental focus, coordination, strength and control which, having enjoyed Ballet from childhood to teenage years I missed. My third child was just starting school, I signed up for a Mat course with Polestar Education, then a Studio course, and later updated to a Diploma certification.


Learning to teach was the beginning of a wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling journey that continues to this day14 years later. The more I learned the more my body thanked me for it. My core strength improved as did my postural awareness. I was managing my injuries more easily and was a great deal more flexible. I found an adult Ballet class and decided to give it another go. Pilates practice became an essential part of ensuring progress without injury and now many years down the track Ballet and Pilates continue to be a restorative and energizing constant in my life that feed me both mentally and physically.


 The most enjoyable aspect of teaching Pilates is being able to play a part in helping others with their own journeys. Whether it’s towards a higher level of expertise in sport or being able to take a walk along the beach without pain makes no difference, the work is always interesting and the experience a pleasure and a privilege.





Nicola Ford

Nicola is an experienced Professional Contemporary Dancer, with over 6 years experience performing and touring both Nationally and Internationally. Since returning home to Australia, Nicola has obtained her Studio and Rehab Comprehensive Pilates qualification through Polestar Pilates Australia. Starting her Pilates journey from as young as 12 years old, Nicola wholeheartedly believes in the methodology of Pilates and the restorative impact it can have on everyones body.


Nicola holds a Bachelor of Dance Performance and is currently studying a Bachelor in Occupational Therapy, with the goal of utilizing movement to encourage the reconnection of the mind and body.


Nicola - Pilates teacher

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