Andrea Sara

I took Ballet classes as a child and loved it. I think even at an early age I liked to feel strong and move with control and precision. I was lucky enough to be taken to many Ballets and performances in London and watched some of the most Internationally acclaimed dancers. The magical stories, beautiful sets, costumes and music were intoxicating but what I remember most vividly is watching their technique intently. For some reason I always felt that I understood how strong they needed to be to make their movements appear effortless and how acutely aware of every part of their bodies they needed to be to create such flow.


In my teenage years circumstances prevented me from attending the number of classes needed to progress so by the age of about 16 it had fallen by the wayside. For much of my late 20’s and 30’s I was searching for something to fill the gap. Something mentally and physically challenging, artistically expressive, something that honed and toned without adding bulk.  I tried lots of different forms of exercise but never found it.


After the birth of my third child I was having trouble with misalignments in my body and feeling the effects of previous injuries that hadn’t been rehabilitated. A friend suggested Pilates so I tried it. I knew very quickly that this was what i needed and practiced regularly. Here was a form of exercise that required a considerable amount of mental focus, coordination, strength and control. My third and last child was just starting school, I needed to start earning again and felt that Pilates was not just something I could do but something I instinctively knew I could do well. I signed up for a Mat course with Polestar, then a Studio course.


Learning to teach was the beginning of a wonderfully rewarding and fulfilling journey that continues to this day. The more I learned the more my body thanked me for it. My core strength improved as did my postural awareness. I was managing my injuries more easily and was a great deal more flexible. I stumbled across an adult Ballet class and knowing that  Ballet and Pilates are beautifully affiliated I could see no reason not to give it another go. I wanted to address the gnawing sense of unfinished business I had carried for years and to do it for pure enjoyment. Pilates practice became an essential part of ensuring progress without injury and now many years down the track Ballet and Pilates continue to be a restorative and energizing constant in my life that feed me both mentally and physically.


The most enjoyable aspect of teaching Pilates is being able to play a part in helping others with their own journeys. Whether it’s towards a higher level of expertise in sport or being able to take a walk along the beach without pain makes no difference, the work is always interesting and the experience a pleasure and a privilege.


Your Pilates teachers


Andrea Sara

Fully certified by Polestar Pilates with a Diploma in Professional Pilates and 12 years teaching experience.


Haylee Binks

Fully certified to teach Mat by Pilates International Training Centre.


Julie Nada Kohl

Fully certified by Tensegrity Training with a Diploma of Contemporary Pilates and teaching methodology and 8 years teaching experience.












Your Yoga teacher


Rebecca Popp

Fully qualified Yoga teacher.




Andrea - Proprietor/Pilates teacher


Haylee Binks

When I was growing up every afternoon and weekend was busy with either netball or soccer. It’s from here I developed my love for moving the body. The first thing I love about Pilates is the ability it has to challenge your body and fitness without the high impact that many sports have. I first started Pilates in 2013 at a local gym and wanted to find out more, eventually finding Andrea at Positive Energy Pilates who helped me to train as an instructor.


I am currently studying a Bachelor of Nursing and Bachelor of Psychology at the University of Newcastle, which is where I have started to learn the importance of a holistic view of health. I believe the dynamic approach Pilates takes to your body and your life helps you to achieve a happy balance. In practice it focuses on how the entire mind and body interacts, encouraging you to be more mindful in everyday tasks.


Since training to become an instructor I have developed a much deeper awareness of my own body and the Pilates method and want to be able to help others do the same. The core strength has helped relieve my lower back pain, which I used to experience as a result of scoliosis as well as improving my flexibility meaning less injuries. I am now a qualified Pilates Mat Instructor, trained by Pilates International Training Centre as well as Andrea Sara.


Haylee - Pilates teacher


Julie Kohl

Julie comes from an extensive dance background including Ballet, Jazz and Contemporary, with over 14 years’ experience as a professional dancer and choreographer. After touring Europe as a fire dancer, she returned to Australia to train as a Pilates instructor. Julie has cured her own dance related injuries by using the Pilates method end loves giving people the tools to keep their bodies pain free and mobile. Julie enjoys dance, yoga, meditation, and is currently finishing a bachelor of Psychology to integrate a holistic mind-body wellbeing approach.





Julie - Pilates teacher

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