What we can do for you


If you are new to Pilates you’ll start with an Initial consultation where we’ll talk about your health and fitness goals and look at any injuries/concerns you may have. We’ll then take you through a series of movements that give us information and help us plan how to help you reach your goals.


During your first series of classes we’ll teach you the Pilates fundamental movements which lay the foundation for the more advanced exercises. As you become more proficient you will begin to appreciate their significance.


Once you’ve made a start and are feeling good we will make sure you progress towards your original goals then reach beyond them.


We’ll provide variety, our repertoire of exercises is enormous.


If repetition is what you need we’ll repeat.


We’ll provide an environment where you can focus, learn about your body and discover all the amazing things you can do!




The studio uses Mindbody software to manage client accounts, bookings and payments.


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                   Improving your health through intelligent movement