What is Pilates?


"Pilates is a system of mind-body exercise created with the intention that it should positively affect every aspect of a person’s life. The method addresses the need for strength, flexibility, coordination, body awareness and building an intelligent and respectful relationship with one’s body."




If you can feel restrictions in your body you may have become aware that many movements are more difficult than they used to be and some may be too hard to attempt at all. We need strength and flexibility to go through all the tasks in our daily lives with enjoyable ease, and to feel confident and uninhibited about trying new sports or physical challenges of any kind.


Strong, flexible muscles accommodate the stresses we put on our bodies and can prevent injuries from happening or at least reduce the severity of them.


Flexibility of the spine is vital for general well being. A spine that moves without restriction allows neural pathways to work efficiently. A mobile spine is essential for maintaining healthy posture as we age, and just as importantly will make us feel youthful whatever age we are.







 Improving your health through intelligent movement