Positive Energy Pilates is a well established studio where a great deal of importance is placed on individual attention and quality teaching. We teach the Pilates exercises that were created by Joseph Pilates and contemporary variations and extensions of those exercises. We use the traditional large apparatus - Reformers, Wunder Chair, Trapeze Table, Ladder Barrel and Mat.


The system of exercises Joseph Pilates developed is as relevant to our bodies today as it ever was in the era of its conception.

The work is perfect for rehabilitation, performance enhancement in any sport and for improving our posture, strength and stability in any activity we do in our daily lives.


Pilates is challenging, a workout for your entire body and mind and involves high degree of focus and concentration.


Joseph Pilates was the creative genius, we the teachers make his incredible knowledge available to you and you make it happen.






Member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia.





                          Improving your health through intelligent movement